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Founded in 1988 under the leadership of Salih Baltaci, SRT Gear Industry aimed to produce the best gearbox and transmission parts everyday, combined with the best service to its customers. SRT Gear Industry production follows the ISO 9001 quality standards in a state of the art production facilities.


Determining customer satisfaction and quality as the most important driver-goals of achieving efficient business operation, SRT Gear Industry has grown rapidly within the sector with a wide product portfolio. Service understanding and techonology optimization are constantly evolving for this purpose. Our team is making huge efforts to achieve the global goal set by its founder Salih: to be recognized among producers and exporters as one of the largest companies in Turkey in the production of gear transmission systems, gearboxes and hoses.


SRT Gear Industry wants to continue with this growth trend, as it has reached an established slope of its installed capacity. Therefore, the next big goal is to find a relevant place among the leading brands in international trade. SRT will continue with this ambitious project hand in hand with all the company's stakeholders and customers to achieve this goal.


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